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Fort De Soto Engagement Session | Allie & Alfons | Tampa and Destination Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite things about being a photographer and traveling all over is meeting such fascinating clients. In this situation, my clients traveled a lot just to come to me for their engagement session! Allie lives in LA and her fiance, Alfons, is studying at university in London. They both flew to Fort Lauderdale to spend the holidays with family and friends and then drove from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando and then Orlando to St. Pete for their sunrise session....talk about dedication!

As much as I love sunset, my favorite has to be sunrise. sunrise is much calmer than sunset. The world is still waking up and the light is like no other. For this engagement session, it was so calm and surreal; not even the seagulls were squaking yet. I know that most prefer sunset because you don't have to get up so early and get ready, but you should definitely do a sunrise session at least once (as a client) - and more as a photographer!