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Morris Bridge Park Engagement | Brittany & Robert | Tampa and Destination Wedding Photographer

Two things happened this past weekend: 1) I photographed my first session of 2019 and 2) I photographed my first session since moving to Florida!

To say I was excited that an engagement session was my first of the year was an understatement, especially since it was Brittany and Robert! They are SO adorable in every way and a photographer's dream. Whenever any of my couples tell me "we are very awkward", that's when I know it's going to be a great session!

Their love and excitement to just be around each other was so heartwarming, and it was difficult to even put my camera down at times. They are genuinely sweet and kind people and I cannot wait to work with them again!

Here is their incredibly sweet love story:

Rob and I have always known each other since our freshman/sophomore years of high school. We went three years of just passing by one another in the hallways, but never really had a conversation.
 In his senior year of high school, we had an Anatomy & Physiology class together. I remember him being the super cool guy walking into class late, with his motorcycle helmet in one hand and book bag in the other. He also had a girlfriend at the time so I never tried to spark up a conversation with him.
Fast forward to a year later - my senior year, we started to hang out with the same people. I worked at the community clubhouse where he and his friend would work out at. On November 9, 2013 we went to a concert with a group of our friends and that night really kicked things off for us. We basically spent the whole night together and felt that spark between us. 
Ever since that night, I'm certain that we have seen each other almost every single day for the last 5 years. He always made it a priority to see me, and if he couldn't, we were probably FaceTiming one another. 

I would've never thought in a million years we would be where we are today. We now have a beautiful two year old son and just closed on our first home!