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Ybor City Engagement Session | Jacqlyn & Collin | Tampa & Destination Wedding Photographer

In a world of emails and texts, it's always refreshing when someone takes the time to call you - Jacqlyn was one of those people and it was so nice as it established a connection between us right away. Jacqlyn & Collin booked me as their wedding photographer earlier this year for their fall 2019 Floridian wedding - which I am SUPER excited for (but I'm always excited to each and every one of my weddings). Jacqlyn and Collin are both police officers for Tampa so it is an extra pleasure to be hired as their wedding photographer - did you know I give discounts to police officers, firefighters, nurses, veterans and teachers?

With me being any day from going into active labor with our second baby (a little boy!) all three of us decided to quickly make a date for the engagement session. They both wanted the city feel that Ybor City has to offer, so that is where we went! Jacqlyn has a love for chickens (and I was raised with chickens on a farm all my young life) so we had to get photos done with Ybor's famous chickens!